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Fund Overview

Ethical Income Fund has been specifically designed to meet the income needs for Investors that require their investments to meet Sharia Ethical Investment Standard.

The team behind the Ethical Income Fund

Eternal Asset Management is an ultra-ethical Australian based fund manager specializing in establishing and growing world-class Sharia compliant fund solutions.

The team at Eternal Asset Management offer boutique ethical advisory and investment services, along with providing expertise in Islamic jurisprudence, and in particular Islamic finance and investments.

Chairman of Investment Committee
Portfolio Manager
Compliance and Ethical Officer
Fund Analyst
Business Development Executive

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Sharia Compliance

Our world-class sharia compliance

Eternal Asset Management has developed its own proprietary Ultra-Ethical Code of Governance (UECG) which is a Sharia rule-based framework designed to be applied to the suite of Investment funds operating in partnership with Eternal Asset Management.

Our Approach

Eternal Asset Management seeks to identify and assess the most appropriate opportunities through disciplined investment reviews and ethical screens. In the due diligence process, all opportunities undergo preliminary analysis including a strict Sharia-compliant testing for eligibility by the Fund Manager. Should the investment pass the ethical screens and move beyond preliminary analysis, detailed entity / project / sector research is undertaken. This detailed analysis allows evaluation of key asset risks as well as the proper analysis of the asset’s financing structure and credit risk.

Preliminary Analysis

Ethical Screen

In-depth Analysis


Execution Complete

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